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Have you been searching all day for rates as low as $49 per month? Stop searching because you have found the right place! We have provided many satisfied customers with rates that are unbeatable. There is no secret to this, the only thing you need to remember is keeping your driving record clean and to shop your auto insurance. By keeping your driving record clean every year will insure you the lowest rate on your car insurance rate. Type of Vehicle The type of car you drive will also affect your auto insurance rates. Driving an expensive vehicle will generally increase your rates. Before you deiced to purchase a new car I would get a free auto insurance quote. I would always check to the insurance costs before I make a new vehicle purchase.

Some cars most people think would be cheap to insure are surprisingly expensive to insure, so if that is a concern or a factor in your budget check spend 1 minute and get a free quote. Typically foreign vehicles are more expensive to insure than domestic ones. This is usually because domestic vehicles parts do not cost as much. How Age affects Insurance Costs Typically the young male or female driver will always pay higher auto insurance costs. Males under 25 years of age will always pay higher insurance premiums verses a 35 year old male. Women generally see lower insurance costs by the time they are 23 years old. Once young adults hit this age they will generally see a 15% to 25% decrease in insurance premiums or possibly more.

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